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About Jhang !


"Main Features of Jhang ---> The Land of love;

Presently Jhang, the land of love, beauty, singing peasants, folk dances and dancing horses, which has been irrigated by the “moon-waters” for centuries. Jhang is presently consisting of 3 towns, old Jhang city, Maghiana and newly built Satellite Town. All three towns are interlinked with roads.

The soil of Jhang district is suitable for almost all main and major crops like wheat, rice, Sugarcane, gram, all sorts of pulses and oil seeds, Jawar, Bajra, Maize and of fodder.


Boundaries of Jhang:

"Chunn-Aab", is bordered by important districts of "Punjab" on the North Sargodaha and Gujranwala, on the East Faisalabad and Toba Tek Singh, on the South Khanewal and Muzaffar Garh and on the West Khanewal and Muzaffar Garh and on the West Khushab, Bhakkar and leyyah but without touching the boundaries of any province. Boundaries between Jhang and all the other nine districts are not natural but are artificial.



Almost all the area is plain cultivable land except to the North are some rocks near Rabwah at the banks of the River Chenab which belong to the series of Kirana Hills which in nature are like the mountains of Aravalli series. In the western part, a desert area called Thal extends from the banks of the Jehlum River to the far west in the districts of Khushab and Bhakkar, while the Sandal Bar area arises from the Pabbarwala area near the Gujranwala boundary as the land abruptly arises from the land level almost at ten feet (3 m) height and almost gains 30 feet (9 m) height and this tract runs up till 87 km in the south and has a breadth of almost 30 to 40 km. This while area comprised forest in past and no kind of cultivation was possible for almost 100 years before the British colonial government established a canal system and the town of Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) on 975 acres (395 ha) of land, which is now the textile industry hub of Pakistan. Between the rivers Jehlum and Chenab a small area of kirana bar is also located in this district, which ends at the Ghoriwala village. The area alongside the banks of rivers Ravi, Chenab and Jehlum is called Hitthar (area in which flood water reaches), while the upland area between bars and hitthar is called Utar.



Jhang is spread over 8,809 km˛.


Towns & Cities of District Jhang

Sar Muradwala, Ahmedpur Sial, Bhowana, Chak No. 190 Arbianwala, Chund Bharwana, Chiniot, Sheikhan, Shah Jiwana, Wasu Astana, Rabwah, Qaim Bharwana, Shorkot, Sadiq Nihang, Lalian, Barana, Hasoo Balel, Rodu Sultan, Talhi Mangini, Teja Berwala, Ratta Matta, Rajoa Sadat, Ahmeda Nagar, Aminpur and Jhang Maghiana


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