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Jhang Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Jhang has two classes of Membership viz  Associate Class and Corporate class. Its jurisdiction as defined by the Ministry of Commerce covers Jhang District.  There is no Town Association or Trade Group in its jurisdiction.


Eligibility For Becoming A Member.

A person that having its own business, or partnership, registered firm, private limited, public limited.  

  1. The company has its head office, registered  office, branch office or manufacturing plant located in the Jhang district.
  2. Is engaged in export, import or any other trade or is owning a factory.
  3. Pays or is liable to pay income tax.
  4. Operates a satisfactory bank account.


Services for Members.

Membership Card

Issuance of Visa Recommendation letters

Attestation of Commercial Documents

Membership Record.





Membership Card
Issues membership cards which serves as a source of introduction of members to various agencies. The card is given due recognition by agencies world-over.

Issuance of Visa Recommendation letters
The Chamber issues letters to foreign embassies recommending to endorse visa to members. These letters are issued under certain rules framed by the Executive Committee. The recommendation letters are given due consideration by the embassies.

Attestation of Commercial Documents
Commercial documents such as invoices and agency agreements attested by the Chamber are recognized worldwide.

Membership Record
Maintains up to date information and corporate record of member organizations to be used as authentic and certified reference wherever required.

Updated News of Industries and business sectors of Jhang.







For More Information Contact:

H. #. 947/B Behind DPO House Road Civil Lines, Sadder, Jhang.
Tel: 047-9200434, 9200435
FAX: 0477612371
Internet: Info@jhangchamber.com

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